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Hello from France.

Begonnen von doudziz, 25. September 2018, 19:59:26

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Hello, sorry i don't speak Deutch. French or English. My name is Edouard, 35 years old. il live in Le Mans. My father owned a 1956 503 convertible in metalic grey and red leather and beige Hood.
i have a lot of memories in this car. My father drove a lot of. His first Rallye was in Tunisia and the car was on the V8 magazine in 1996 i think. then Maroc Rallye, Portugal.
He had in 70's a Talbot Lago America with the BMW V8 in 2.5 120ch.
Today, i would like to know where is the car. she was sold to a Portugueses in 1998 or 1999 i think. maybee in the V8 club you have an idea of where this car can be.

a few pictures

i don't know who is this ugly girl

a little video

if you have any informations on this car... (i think i have a copy of the certificate with the serial number)